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On-Demand, Self-Paced Course: Advance Your Finance and Accounting Career: Developing A Promotion Strategy That Sets You Apart

Are you a Finance or Accounting professional with the goal of becoming a CFO or CEO?

To advance your career, you must set yourself apart from your peers.

  • We are already expected to show expertise with our technical skills
  • Showing up every day and completing your daily tasks, even to a high degree of excellence will not guarantee advancement
  • Senior Leader and C-Suite Roles require special skills and a different mindset

Showing potential for advancement can be complicated.

  • We need a mixture of hard and soft skills plus a strong professional background that highlights our credentials and expertise
  • As a Finance and Accounting Professional, we can influence an entire organization through our leadership

Finance Leader Academy offers a course to help you establish yourself through a solid professional foundation, developing your Leadership skills, and planning a career advancement strategy.

This course will help you to identify, assess, and improve your capacity to advance in your professional Finance and Accounting career.

Why this course is important to your advancement:

  • Your mindset determines your outcome,
  • Clarity around your goals helps you shape your future,
  • You must take risk and get out of your comfort zone,
  • Leadership skills can help you set yourself apart from your peers, and
  • To rise to CFO, you must grow your strategic skills and your executive presence.



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Please watch the following introductory video explaining the course. 

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30 day money back refund from date of purchase, no reason required

Your Instructor

The instructor for this course is Stephen McLain. Stephen is a U.S. Army Retired Finance Officer who served over 20 years on active duty. He has served in various Finance and Accounting duty positions and has led a variety of organizations. Stephen has worked on Corporate Accounting and Finance teams both in a permanent role and as a Business Consultant.

Stephen is the Host of The Finance Leader Podcast, which highlights leadership and career development for Finance and Accounting Professionals. The Finance Leader Podcast was listed #2 on Feedspot's Top 15 Corporate Finance Podcasts to follow in 2022. Additionally, Listen Notes ranks the podcast in the top 10%, globally. 

Stephen believes that leadership is about open communication, respect, and positive influence. Leaders can get results while also developing the team with a growth mindset.

If you have any questions about the course, please contact Stephen at [email protected]


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Click here for access to the course - $97

Course Outline

Module 1: Course introduction and instructions.


Module 2: Your Professional Foundation - This module helps you build your professional credibility.

  • Lesson 1: Your Mindset
  • Lesson 2: Becoming a Professional
  • Lesson 3: Critical Soft Skills
  • Lesson 4: Technical Competence
  • Lesson 5: Business Acumen
  • Lesson 6: Credentials
  • Lesson 7: Written Goals


Module 3: Setting Yourself Apart – You must set yourself apart professionally and positively to get opportunities to further your career. This module helps you understand

  • Lesson 1: How you are being evaluated
  • Lesson 2: Achieve Outstanding results
  • Lesson 3: Taking Risk and the Unwritten Rules


Module 4: Growing Your Leadership Potential – This module helps shape key leader attributes and responsibilities like building trust, recognizing our bias, and developing your team members

  • Lesson 1: What do leaders do?
  • Lesson 2: Build Trust
  • Lesson 3: Leaders Develop Their Team Members


Module 5: Developing Your Executive Presence – In this module, you will learn about developing the right executive skills and attributes

  • Lesson 1: Self-awareness, and "Reading the Room”
  • Lesson 2: Develop Executive Presence


Module 6: Promotion Strategy and What’s Next – This module covers developing a promotion strategy, and what’s next following the course

  • Lesson 1: Career Advancement Strategy
  • Lesson 2: What's Next


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Advance Your Finance and Accounting Career: Developing a Promotion Strategy that Sets You Apart

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