Finance Leader Academy

We teach leadership to Finance and Accounting professionals. Leadership is the key to advancing your career. Do you want to be a CFO and eventually CEO?

We can help you develop your leadership skills, nurture a growth mindset, and create a written plan for your goals.

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Founder - Stephen McLain

Finance Leader Academy was founded by Stephen McLain, who is also the Host of The Finance Leader Podcast. Stephen is a retired United States Army Finance Officer who has worked on several Corporate Finance and Accounting Teams as a Business Consultant.

The purpose of Finance Leader Academy is to help Finance and Accounting professionals advance their careers through leadership, a growth mindset, and a written long-term plan.

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The Finance Leader Podcast

A weekly podcast with new episodes released every Tuesday covering topics to help you grow your leadership skills as Finance and Accounting Professionals. 

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Leadership Courses

Improving your Leadership skills can set you apart from your peers. Leadership is centered around Influence, Growing Others, Achieving Results, and Seeing the Future

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Executive Development

Develop your Executive Presence by improving your Strategy, Communication, and Relationship skills. Learn how to lead Change. A premium membership coming soon. 

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Leadership Is Key To Your Advancement

from Stephen McLain, Host of The Finance Leader Podcast and Founder of Finance Leader Academy


The Finance Leader Podcast

The podcast was recently listed by Feedspot as a Top 15 Corporate Finance Podcast to follow in 2021. The podcast is committed to helping you develop your leadership skills. You can find the podcast wherever you listen to podcasts.


Please use the podcast to advance your career! Thank you for letting us help you.

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Receive a free guide for developing your leadership specifically designed for Finance and Accounting leaders. The guide will be emailed to you. We will not share your information. 

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Advance Your Career Course

This course will help you develop a promotion strategy to set yourself apart by building your professional foundation, developing your leadership skills and your executive presence, and ensuring you have a growth mindset.

Learn Leadership to Influence Positive Outcomes

Make others around you great through your leadership ability. Leading means you set the right example for others to follow. Partner with other leaders to help execute the strategy.

A Growth Mindset is Key

Believe that you can grow and develop into the role you desire. You mindset is everything. If you change your mindset, you will change your outcome!


Have Written Goals

Develop a written Individual Development Plan with goals and a timeline for executing. Continue to assess and update your plan often. Ensure you have clarity with your goals.

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