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Why Did You Choose a Career in Finance and Accounting?


For my first blog post for Finance Leader Academy, I want to highlight Episode 98 from The Finance Leader Podcast, which asks us why we chose this field. Why were we drawn to Finance and Accounting? Was this something we always knew about ourselves and do we still have the passion for it as we try to advance our careers?



Why did you choose to work in Finance and Accounting? Did you want to work with numbers? Did you think you would work mostly alone? Were you attracted to the leadership opportunities available? Was it something else or a combination of these? Whatever got you interested, I am urging you to ask yourself if you still maintain that passion you once had? Do you embrace and look forward to leading with the numbers every day? The Finance and accounting fields offer a great opportunity to career track to CEO of an organization. There are so many incredible opportunities to make a positive difference, and that’s why I love it.

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